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We build five products for different ways of exploring promotions


A site for you to search for available promotions of your needs through any browser. We've been starred several promotions to help you find the lowest prices faster.

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We share our expertise for a product review or comparing some products and create informative topics about savings and life style. We also provide eDaun Advertorial Article that contains specialized and tailor-made content that matches the voice of your products.

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eDaun Kliptalog

Enjoy reading and interacting with a paper catalog? We combine the convenience of catalog format and 'able to search' feature, so you can flip pages, search promotions, highlight products, and save it.

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eDaun Analytics

We process promotions into a list of data at SKU level of detail to help business analysts gain new insights for their marketing strategies. We provide pivots and data visualizations in this program.

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eDaun Promo 360

Get quick statistics in visual promo display. eDaun Promo 360 allows you to view promo data visually and get quick counts for instant analysis of competitors' strategies.

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