eDaun Analytics Whitepaper

Executive Summary

eDaun provides eDaun Analytics as a promotional tracking service in the FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) segments from 14 popular retailers since 2018. We track and process promotional data based on SKU and there have been more than 114,000 promotions every year of 59,410 SKU from 5,283 brands that can be analyzed along with their promotional prices.

eDaun Analytics has features such as list of promotional price per pcs based on SKU, price growth of a certain product brand, time based report, downloadable data, filtering data based on a specific region, date, retailer, channel, etc., pivot table grouped by brands and channels, and advanced pivots with data visualization options.

Before the promotional data is listed in eDaun Analytics, it is processed through 3 stages of checking:

  • EDP checks,
  • supervisor responsible for data validation & sanitation, and
  • analytics data validation & transformation to ensure our data is free from error and can be analyzed properly and accurately.

In Analytics Checks, promotional data is classified into 2 types:

  • Promo Discount (Quantitative Promo)
  • Non-Quantitative Promo

Promo Discount are promotions that can be analyzed in eDaun Analytics, while Non-Quantitative promos do not have extractable prices. Promos can be further classified using promo tagging during initial client setup (on certain client setup packages only).

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About eDaun Inspirasi Dijital

eDaun is a startup that provides services in specialised areas to the FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) segments through innovative and creative ways according to our clients' needs.

Some of our services are exclusive product campaigns, perfect for digital product launches, ads distribution channels, sponsored contents and display ads. Not limited to that, we continue to work and innovate in helping our clients face challenges in marketing including online branding. One of our well-known products is eDaun Hemat.id which is a site that provides the most updated and complete information for all groceries promos in leading supermarkets throughout Indonesia.

Since 2016, we have had a passion to help our end users to save their groceries spending by helping them to find products they need across retailers promo catalogs in the hemat.id website. Since then we have been working hand in hand with brands to empower their business analysts to gain deeper insight into their promo metrics against their competitors in Indonesia's modern market landscape.

Retailers We Track

In eDaun Analytics, we track retail promotions from 14 popular retailers in Indonesia, including Minimarket, Supermarket, Hypermarket and Heath & Beauty channels. We input all promotions from each edition of the catalog period published by the retailer, such as weekday, weekend, weekly, monthly, etc.
Minimarket Supermarket Hypermarket Health & Beauty
  • Alfamart
  • Indomaret
  • Alfamidi
  • Superindo
  • Toserba Yogya
  • Hari Hari
  • Tip Top
  • Carrefour
  • Hypermart
  • Giant
  • LotteMart
  • Lotte Grosir
  • Guardian
  • Watsons

Data Based on SKU

We found that a single promotional data tends to consist of more than one SKU. Our program, eDaun Analytics, is made to be able to process this data into several SKUs along with their prices, so that our client can analyze the promotional price of a product based on respective variants and sizes.


Total Promo Data

More than thousands of data we have been collecting, tracking, and analyzing. These are the total data we have until March 2021.



Average number of promotions per year from 2018 to 2020.



The total of all SKUs we have in the promotion database.



The total of all brands that have been promoted in retailer catalogs.

eDaun Analytics Features

alt_text alt_text alt_text alt_text
List of promotional prices per pcs based on SKU. Price growth of a certain product brand. Time based report Downloadable data.
alt_text alt_text alt_text
Filtering data based on a specific region, date, retailer, channel, etc. Pivot table grouped by brands and channels. Advanced pivots with data visualization options.

Data Checks, Sanitation, and Validation Stages

To ensure our data is free from error, it is processed through 3 stages.

alt_text EDPs checks

After all promotions have been inputted, our EDP rechecks the input results immediately and signs each input digitally. This process takes 30 minutes to an hour.

alt_text Supervisor responsible for validation & sanitation

Supervisors double-check the promotional input results to ensure the input is error free. This process takes 1 - 3 days.

alt_text Analytics data validation & transformation

Promotional data is rechecked and matched empirically with historical data to transform promotions without normal prices and promotions with price ranges. This process takes one to two weeks.

Promo Classifications

At the third stage of verification, our team classifies promotions into 2 types of promo.


Price Inference (additional service)

Normal Promo are promotions that can be analyzed in eDaun Analytics, while the other three types of promo are not suitable to be analyzed in eDaun Analytics due to the data type.

Normal Promo type can be analyzed on price and SKU, if it consists of normal prices, promotional prices and nominal discounts. However, there are promotions that consist only of the promotional price or the nominal discount, without the normal price.

Normal Promo with full information Normal Promo without normal price
alt_text alt_text

However, we have been processing data that has incomplete information through normalization and empirical methods to draw inferences from historical data.

Our Product Categories

We power brands across 460 product categories.

Food & Beverages
Cooking ingredients
  • Cooking oil
  • Rice & flour
  • Sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Seasoning
  • Jelly & pudding
  • Butter & margarine
  • Coconut milk
  • Biscuit & wafer
  • Chips
  • Peanuts
  • Traditional snack
  • Crackers
  • Seaweed
  • Juice
  • Mineral water
  • Healthy drink
  • Syrup
  • Soda
  • Energy drink
  • UHT milk
  • Milk powder
  • Condensed milk
  • Milk for pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Sausages
  • Cereals
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Jam
Canned food Instant foods
  • Noodles
  • Pasta
  • Porridge & soup
  • Floss
Coffee & tea
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Traditional drink

Health & Beauty
Body treatments
  • Body wash
  • Lotion
  • Cologne & perfume
  • Deodorant
  • Hand wash
  • Soap
  • Scrub
  • Talc powder
  • Hair remover
Vitamins & medicines
  • Vitamin & supplement
  • Herb oil
  • Antiseptic
  • Painkillers
  • Wipes
  • Cough, cold, & flu medicine
  • Herb medicine
  • Balm
  • Plaster
  • Stomach care
Feminine & Adult Care
  • Feminine care
  • Adult diapers taped
  • Adult diapers pants
  • Pantyliners
  • Adult pads
Hair Treatments
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair color
  • Hair styling
Men Care
  • Men's face cleanser
  • Men's deodorant
  • Razors
  • Men's cologne
  • Men's shampoo
  • Men's body wash
  • Men's face moisturizer
Dental & Oral Care
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Mouthwash
Fresh Foods
  • Fish
  • Cow
  • Chicken
Frozen Foods
  • Nugget
  • Ice cream
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Frozen meats
  • Meatballs
Dairy Products
  • Cheese
  • Yoghurt
  • Butter
Fruits & Vegetables
Household equipment
Cleaning Care
  • Cleaning tool
  • Insecticide
  • Dish soap
  • Air freshener
  • Floor cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Shoes cleaner
  • Powder detergent
  • Clothes freshener
  • Liquid detergent
  • Softener
  • Laundry equipment
  • Matic detergent
  • Cream detergent
  • Office supplies
  • Paper
  • Stamp Envelope
  • Shopping bag
Kitchen tools

Baby care
  • Toddler milk
  • Baby biscuit
  • Formula milk
  • Advanced milkr
Baby Diapers
  • Baby diapers pants
  • Baby diapers taped
  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton bud
Baby Bath
  • Baby body wash
  • Baby oil
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby powder & cologne
  • Baby toothpaste & toothbrush
Baby Bottle
  • Baby liquid cleanser
  • Baby bottle & dot

And more categories of Cosmetics, Electronics, Household Appliances, Handphone & Tablet, Computer & Laptop, TV, Audio & Game, Camera, Furniture, Toys, Fashion, Automotive, Sports & Outdoor, Bags & Suitcase, Books, Souvenir, Medical Supplies, Voucher, Watches & Jewelry.

Data Source, SLA, Area Coverage and Limitations

  • Data source: direct email, official website, and official social media accounts. We do not cover promos published in certain stores that are not available online.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): data ready in eDaun Promo Analytics in max 4.5 business days (upon passed all 3 stages of validation).
  • Area coverage: we track all national catalogs, and one regional catalogs for each edition of each retailer. i.e. Jabodetabek in Java edition.
  • Ambiguous promo: If there is a promo that has a difference between the product image and the promo description so that it cannot be analyzed with certainty, the data will be moved into the Non-quantitative promo table. Since 2020, we managed to minimize this case by close to 0%.

Area Coverage

Channel Type Channel Catalog Coverage Catalog Edition Tracked Untracked
Supermarket Hari Hari Nasional Biweekly All -
Weekend All -
Superindo Nasional Weekday All -
Weekend All -
Regional Weekly Only Jabodetabek & Palembang 3 more editions
Tip Top Nasional Biweekly All -
Nasional Weekend All -
Yogya Nasional Biweekly All -
Nasional Weekend All -
Minimarket Alfamart Nasional Weekend All -
Weekly All -
Regional Biweekly Only Jabodetabek 13 more editions
Alfamidi Nasional Weekly All -
Regional Biweekly Only Jabodetabek 9 more editions
Nasional Weekend All -
Weekly All -
Indomaret Nasional Biweekly All -
Weekend All -
Weekly All -
Nasional Weekly All -
Nasional Weekly All -
Hypermarket Carrefour Nasional Biweekly All -
Weekend All -
Weekly All -
Regional Weekly Only Jabodetabek, Serang, Cilegon 20 more editions
Giant Nasional Weekday All -
Weekend All -
Hypermart Regional Biweekly Nasional Kecuali Batam 1 more edition
Weekday Only Jawa 20 more editions
Weekend Only Jawa 20 more editions
Lotte Grosir Nasional Biweekly All -
Regional Biweekly Only Jabotabek, Serang, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Karawang 3 more editions
LotteMart Regional Biweekly Only Jakarta, Bandung, Tangerang 4 more editions
Nasional Weekly All -
Nasional Weekend All -
Health & Beauty Guardian Regional Monthly Nasional Kecuali Bali, Batam 1 more editions
Nasional Biweekly All -
Weekend All -
Watsons Nasional Weekend All -
Nasional Monthly All -

Customization During Initial Client Setup

SKU Classification

SKUs can be customized according to client preferences such as custom categories, brands, labels, and variants. Examples are as follows:

Default Custom: Low Fat turns into different products
Brand Label Variant Brand Label Variant
Ultra Milk Susu UHT Low Fat Coklat Ultra Milk Susu UHT Low Fat Coklat
Ultra Milk Susu UHT Low Fat Full Cream Ultra Milk Susu UHT Low Fat Full Cream
Ultra Milk Susu UHT Coklat Ultra Milk Susu UHT Coklat
Ultra Milk Susu UHT Full Cream Ultra Milk Susu UHT Full Cream
Default Custom: Combined category
Brand Label Kategori Brand Label Kategori
Supersol Karbol Wangi Pembersih Lantai Supersol Karbol Wangi Pembersih Lantai & Toilet
Wipol Karbol Wangi Pembersih Lantai Wipol Karbol Wangi Pembersih Lantai & Toilet
B29 Karbol Wangi Pembersih Toilet B29 Karbol Wangi Pembersih Lantai & Toilet

Extra Derived Properties

Derived Properties can be added according to client's analysis needs, e.g. add package size, size group (small, medium, large), price level (economy, medium, premium), manufacturer name, etc. Examples are as follows:

Pack Group Price Level






Promo Tagging

Promo data can be classified in more detail using promo tagging such as e.g. PWP (Purchase with purchase), BBLM (Beli Banyak Lebih Murah), Buy X Get Y, Tebus Murah. Examples are as follows:

Default Available custom tagging options
  • Promo Discount
  • Non-Quantitative Promo
  • PWP
  • eMoney Promo
  • ShopeePay
  • LinkAja
  • Tebus Murah
  • Diskon Pembelian Kedua
  • Bonus Poin
  • BBLM
  • Beli X Gratis X
  • Beli 1 Gratis 1
  • Beli 2 Gratis 1
  • Buy X Get Y
  • Khusus Member
  • Bank Promo
  • BCA Credit Card


For pricing information, please kindly visit our eDaun Analytics Pricing site.



Our Process Performance Measurement

Within 5 years, we develop our business process to meet our PPM standards:


Data input on schedule and on-time.
We ensure that we input each latest catalog on time and according to the catalog availability date. So, we have a list of catalog schedules that repeats automatically every week. We compile a catalog list for each retailer so that we don't miss a single catalog.




Ensure that every single data is collected.
At the data processing stage 2, Supervisor Evaluates, we ensure that we input all promos in each catalog.


Data Validity & Integrity

Three stages of error checking & validation on every attribute data extracted.
To ensure our data is free from error, it is processed through 3 stages by EDP team, Supervisor team, and Operation team. We can track data integrity through promo images and original catalog pages in eDaun Analytics.



Product & SKU Standardization

Consistency data on product & SKU.



CPG Consumer packaged goods are goods used daily by the average consumer that require regular replacement or refilling, such as food, beverages and household products.
Derived properties Property whose value is produced or computed from other information, such as the pack groups generated from product sizes.
FMCG Also known as consumer packaged goods (CPG).
Non-quantitative promo Promo data that has no extractable price.
Price inference A project that is applied to promo data with incomplete prices using an empirical method based on historical data from the same channel type with a maximum validity period of 3 months.
Promo tagging A promo classification to analyze promo data in more detail.
Properties Fields extracted from a promo which consists of interconnected parts so that the promotion can be analyzed, such as SKU, price, date, etc.
Quantitative promo discount Promotions that contain a certain price for specific SKU and are not accompanied by any terms and conditions apply.
SKU Stock Keeping Unit is a code used to differentiate products by combining brands, labels, variants, qty, pack & size so that it can be easier to find out the available promo data.